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  1. 은퇴준비의 중요성 Why Plan Now?

A1. Importance of financial independence (aka FU money)

  1. 은퇴에 필요한 금액 정하기 Know Your Numbers

B1. Know roughly how much to save up before retiring

B2. Expected annual spending budget

B3. Your current budget and cash flow (debt, consumer debt, spending habits)

  1. 은퇴/절세 제도 도구 이해 Know the retirement investment vehicles

C1. Understand importance of tax efficient investing

C2. How to prioritize retirement savings contributions (401k, HSA, IRA, 529, Taxable)

C3. Understand key retirement milestones and dates

C4. Understand retirement contribution maximums

C5. Roth IRA basics: income limits, contributions, conversions, back door conversion, mega back door

C6. Traditional IRA Basics

C7. 401k Basics

C8. HSA Basics

  1. 은퇴를 위한 투자의 기본 Investing Basics

D1. Setting up IRA and Brokerage Accounts

D2. Which funds in which accounts

D3. Understanding capital gains, dividends

D4. Understanding stocks and funds

D5. Understanding ETFs vs Mutual Funds

D6. Creating a sustainable portfolio (recession prep)

  1. 기타/연관 토픽 Related Topics

E1. Contribution strategies (DCA, Lump Sum)
E2. Withdrawing from tax advantaged accounts
E3. 자영업/사업가 고려사항
E4. 유학생/H1B 고려사항
E5. 역이민 혹은 타국에서의 은퇴한다면
E6. Equipping loved ones for ‘when I’m gone’
E7. Intergenerational Wealth Transfer
E8. Planning for children’s college education
E9. Life Insurance
E10. ESPP / RSUs / Stock Options

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