November 29, 2022

65세 이후 standard deduction amount (4/2/2020 by 와리가리)

Standard deduction
In 2020, those limits grew to $12,400 for individuals and $24,800 for married filing jointly.

However, those 65 and older get an extra $1,650 in 2020 if they are filing as single or head of household.

Married filing jointly? If one spouse is 65 or older and the other isn’t, the standard deduction increases by $1,300.

If both spouses are 65 or older, the increase in $2,600.


65세 이하면 알고 있는대로 싱글 $12,400, married, $24,800
한명이 65세 이상이고 다른 한명이 아니면 standard deduction을 $1300더 할수 있네요.
두분다 65세 이상이면 $2600 을 deduction 할수 있네요.


그래도 +@로 해주니 좋네요 ㅎㅎ

나중에 은퇴할때 또 많이 바뀌어있겠지만, 은퇴후를 계획할때 tax deduction이 큰 역할을 할테니 생각해봐야겠지요.

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